December 28, 2006

And a Merry Christmas to You!

Hello everyone! It is always easier to write a blog after something big or fun has happened, and being Christmas, something fun has happened :)

David and I went to his families for Christmas this year, since we were to Canada last year, as well as in July. It was a good Christmas. I was a little worried it would feel busy with all the places we were going in a short time, but it didn’t, it felt festive. :)

We had a Christmas party with the Hjelle side of the family. Two years ago we also had one, but being the first Christmas with David’s family, it was a bit awkward for me. This year was a lot of fun. I did get to know a few people a bit better, and hope to get to know them better yet as time goes on :)

We also had Christmas with the Simonson side of the family, which gets more enjoyable to me every time we get together! I love getting to know Grandma, Dale and Pat, and the boys of course :D

So, even though I was in Canada and wasn’t able to join in the great gift giving time I heard my family had, I did have a wonderful Christmas and it is fun to get to know more of David’s family.

Something else that is exciting for me is, David is Norwegian, I am not :) I have always loved different cultures and back grounds etc, but have never had an excuse to learn more about any in depth. Now I do :) and I enjoy it very much :) Thank you Mom and Dad Hjelle for the start of a touch of Norwegian in our household and not just Dutch .(Besides the gift of David of course ;))

And just so you all know, I did put up pictures from Christmas already :) Feel free to check it out.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

Love in Christ Rita

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