October 12, 2006

The Opposite of Faith

It seems like such an easy question, doesn’t it? What is the opposite of faith or belief? “Unbelief,” you think. I suppose you are right. I mean, “un” means “not,” and not believing is certainly the opposite of believing. Fine. But I think there is another word that describes what un-belief or un-faith really is.


It is as simple as that. We put our trust either in God or ourself; one is faith, the other is pride.

I’m beginning to understand why pride is the cardinal sin: there is no other sin that hides itself so utterly from a person. Pride often strikes us when we think we are most humble. Perhaps worse, we call those who are truly humble arrogant and stuck up—who are they to put their trust in God and put claim to an exclusive greater authority?

One might think that the great evil in the world is shown in people like Stalin and David Koresh. I would argue that the greatest evil is actually found in the masking of millions to the truth of their pride, hiding it behind the nominal spirituality of kindly little old ladies and the smiles of jolly gentlemen. Good people, sure—but completely oblivious of their lack of faith.

Dearest Jesus—teach us true humility. Show us our pride. Transform us by Your grace. Rescue us by the power of Your Spirit!

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