September 18, 2006

How Islam Will Conquer the World

  1. Make sure that the primary belief in the world is that the greatest sin is to offend one’s neighbor. (Done.)
  2. Be easily—and rather violently—offended. (Done—at least by enough vocal folks.)
  3. Watch while the rest of the world trips over itself to avoid offending you. (Currently in progress…)
  4. Glory in your new-found power. (Wait and see…)

Though I am terribly tempted to point out the irony in the recent events surrounding the Pope’s recent speech, I don’t think it is simply a sign of how silly the Muslim clerics are. Rather, I wonder if many of us are simply blind to how successful they are being in gaining worldly power.

Or, perhaps, it is simply Muslim leaders using the problems in the Islamic world to gain power over their own people. It would, in as much as I understand Islam, would make a lot of sense to hear economic and political frustrations of a Muslim phrased in terms of his or her religion. Islam doesn’t try separate life into sacred and secular as we in the West try to do.

Ah, well. Back to watching the events here in bizarro-land.

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