August 08, 2006

“Lots of changes Old Max, lots of changes”

I know David doesn’t like it when I quote from movies that we don’t really recommend for watching, but this quote has been in my head for a week now I just had to get it out! ;) Ok, I didn’t HAVE to, but it does fit our thoughts of the past week and a half. (Quote from Dirty Dancing)

David and I were just in Canada visiting my family and going to a family reunion. It was a WONDERFUL time! We didn’t get to spend much time with my immediate family, but we were able to get to know a quite a bit of my Dad’s siblings and my cousins. That was wonderful! I also got to spend a quite a bit of time making sure my niece and nephews will remember me ;)

Funny how being with people you haven’t seen for a long time will make you think. After answering the questions “What are you doing?”, “Where are you living?”, “Do you like it?” “Why are you there?” etc, really made David and I think harder about why we are still in Sioux Center when neither of us feel like we really want to be here and David doesn’t really LOVE his job. It would be one thing to be in Sioux Center if David was excited about his job, it is a very different thing to stay here when he doesn’t and we don’t care about living in Sioux Center.

So, for the first time in almost 2 years, we are thinking about leaving Sioux Center for real. We have thought about it before too, but each time said no. Now we are thinking about it for real, and it’s an exciting thought!

We know we need a change of some sort, either to be come more involved in Sioux Center so we come to love it, or a different job or something. We are praying hard about what it is that God wants us to do.

David is looking into grad schools and even as we pray we don’t feel God saying no. We don’t know where we will be in a years time, probably getting ready to move somewhere but it’s an exciting thought. And it is exciting for David and I to work together on a goal.

Please pray for us as we want to follow God first and for most, even if that means staying here.

God has been teaching me that “Unless the Lord builds a house, it’s builders labour in vain.” Psalm 127:1. We do want to follow where he is leading, or else stay where we are until he leads. God is good, he will show us what to do next~! And we are excited!

Also, we added another file of photo’s titled: Book about us. It’s a scrapbooking book I am working on. About David and I of course! And there are two new pages under Rita’s pages you can check out too! :)

We hope you are doing well ! Love in Christ with You! Rita

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