July 04, 2006

Photos and Update!!

Well, we haven’t written much lately, but I was able to get some photos scanned to ready to post this lovely 4th of July!

In the past couple of weeks we have been going to weddings as well as a surprise trip to Arizona for David’s work.

David attended a conference and I decided to go along. We have been debating if I should ever join him on a work trip sometime because it’s not fun being apart. We thought this trip would be a good time to try it out. We knew that he would have most evenings free so we would be able to spend time together a bit too. Also, it was at a resort so we figured that I might be able to find SOMETHING to do while he was busy with classes and such.

I did find somethings to do and it turned out to be a great week. God really taught me a lot about trusting in him and following his leadings. It would have been so easy to just sit in the hotel room and get bored and restless, but I knew that God would take better care of me then that if I trusted him, and he did! I met a number of fun people that were also there with their spouses. I was able to spend an afternoon with a spouse and her 3 month old son. That was a lot of fun and it helped us both from being too bored. It was also fun seeing a new mother loving her son so much :) I loved it!

I also spent some time scrapbooking. Just a month or so ago our church had a scrapbooking evening and I thought I would go with a few friends. Well, I got a little hooked. I made a book of our friends and then started a book about us. I hope to put up the book about us in the near future, so be looking for it. I have a quite a bit done, I just have to get it scanned and then get it on to the web page. I’ll add another note when I finally get that started.

A special note for Nate, as he will most likely be reading this post even though it’s not David writing. Congratulations to you and you had a beautiful wedding! David and I very much loved what your grandfather had to say during the service. We were really glad to be able to witness it. Thanks for the invite!! :)

Less than three weeks until we go to New Brunswick for the big family reunion!!!! I am super excited!!!!

In Christ, Rita

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