February 24, 2006


…To use an expression from my brother in law, although not in the way he usually uses it! ;)

About three weeks ago I sent out a few mass e-mails to let people know what has been happening to us as of late. Mostly they were about the immigration appointment we had as well as my first visit with the endocrinologist in the states.

Well, during my visit with the endocrinologist I got signed up for the insulin pump. This is just an announcement to let everyone know that in just two short weeks I was hooked up and all!! I’ve been using it for over a week now!! And to use Kevin’s expression in the proper way, We’re Pumped!!!

It is taking some getting used to for sure, but it will be great when we get it all straightened out!

I hope to take pictures eventually and post them, than you can see what it looks like.

In Christ Rita

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