January 26, 2006

Immigration update!!!

This is the last blog of the set of three, be sure to read the other two to hear about our break/vacation!

So, since we have been back we have been adjusting to living in Sioux Center again. Wondering how well we should really settle here or are we just going to be moving in a few years.

I’ve been spending time with my few great friend Robin (an old college neighbour that I am loving getting to know all over again!), and walking often with my friend Ruth. It’s been great to have so much time with friends to keep me occupied.

David has been readjusting to work, also with more responsibilities as one of his coworkers is out on maternity leave. It’s a bit of a struggle but he is pressing on! And doing well too!!

Our Biggest news of the week! I finally have my permanent resident status full with green card!

That was supper exciting After 2 and a half years of paper work and waiting, it is just about all done. They have yet to send me the official card and we have to change my name on my SSN card, but I think that should be all! Exciting eh?!?

We celebrated together by going out for lunch while we were in Omaha. That was fun too. As well as doing a bit of shopping at a few stores we discovered last time we were there (august vacation).

The other exciting news for us is that I finally was able to visit with an endocrinologist (internal medicine specialist- for my diabetes) It was an encouraging visit and we have the paper work underway to get a pump for me! That is super exciting! There were also a few changes we made to my insulin intake now to get my sugars under better control now too. That is exciting!

Anyway, that is the update, thank you so much for reading a pray! I hope to have pictures up soon!

Love you all! In Christ Rita

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New Years Break!

After visiting with my family for almost a week and a half, we had a chance to visit David’s family too. That was great, Just what I/we needed.

I was worried that after being with my family for so long and being busy all the time that I would completely crash when I got to David’s parents place but God was good and I didn’t. It was just perfect.

We still celebrated Christmas with gift giving and receiving together, which made the holidays feel longer :) I thoroughly enjoyed that! Especially all the beads I got!!! :) Thanks everyone!!! Just ask David how much I am enjoying them, he can tell you! :)

Being with David’s family was good too. Quieter and relaxing too.

Also with New Years in there we went to a new years party which was fun. And the after Christmas sales were perfect to lift any after Christmas blues that might have come.

I think if we went straight from my family’s to our quiet apartment with David at work, I would have crashed hard and fell into depression, it was so great to visit with David’s family again.

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Christmas Vacation!

Hi All! It’s been a long time since I’ve updated, and I don’t want to over whelm you with a HUGE long blog, so I thought I’d break it up into a few shorter ones for easier reading! :)

David and I took our first “real” vacation together at Christmas. We did take a great vacation together in August which was great, but when we are used to a month breaks with school and summer vacations, this was the first real long and relaxing vacation for us.

We went to NB to visit my family for almost a week and a half. We tried to make it as relaxing as possible and just focus on spending time with family. We had a lot of games with mom and dad and got to play with Jack and Jacob LOTS!!! It was a wonderful break!!

We spent the first part of break with Mom Dad and Rich and Jen and boy mostly. Half way through Julia and Debbie arrived, then shortly after that Liz and Kev came with their kids.

It was so nice to be away from the mid west for awhile. See family, including Grammie, and a few friends. To relax and help out a bit.

Ok, that isn’t a really good summary, and I hope to put a few pictures on the photo’s page, then you can see it better.

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