Dinner with Opa

Well, the other day I was thinking and praying and writing and on the radio I heard someone saying “What is that in your hand?” Pause…. ” What is that in your hand? God asked this to Moses and he is asking us the same question” The voice went on to say something like, God wants to use what he has given us to make himself know in the world. Well, at the moment I had a pen in my hand. And almost everyday I can be found writing prayers to God.

The other thing that I have been thinking about a LOT lately is this scrapbooking thing. I sort of feel like it’s a waste of time to do it on the computer, I mean, unless I print it out, it’s nice to look at but not like real scrapbooking, that is for sure. Then I thought about the last page I posted. “Sing Praise” one. I liked that I added scripture to it. I though, maybe I can do that with the rest of them too. Maybe I can use them as tools to witness to God’s goodness and grace.

This picture was easy to think of next because it already had scripture to go with it. The rest of the story is that we were at a family reunion in the Netherlands and it was the first meal together. My sisters and Canadian cousins went and filled a table right away with the cousins they knew. For some reason I wanted to stretch myself a bit and I was debating where to sit. I thought mostly about joining my much younger cousins to get to know them. As I stood by the table looking unsure, Opa called me to him and asked me to sit by him. Wow! I felt special! To me, sitting with Opa is a privilage, there are a lot of people there besides me.

I am so glad for this picture. It reminds me of how honoured I felt to be asked to sit by the head of the family. :) I felt the honour that Jesus talked about in this parable.

Thank you for looking.


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