Is there absolute truth?

by David Alan Hjelle

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The real question at stake here seems to be, "Are there absolutes?" Then, a following question would be, "What is absolute?" Let's take each of these seperately.

"Are there absolutes?"

To begin with, it is more than true that because any one of us believes one certain way, that doesn't make it an absolute. Of course! We can agree or disagree. There are problems, however, in saying that this implies that nothing is absolute. In the physical realm, we can believe whatever we want about gravity or inertia or any other number of physical attributes. Unfortunately, what we believe about gravity by no means makes it true. A lot of people have tried this, and ended up in very uncomfortable positions. There are obviously absolutes in physical things - that is a part of the basis of scientific reasoning.

What about spiritual things? We could assume absolutes exist in spiritual things because they do in physical things - but let's take a look at an example or two. Say I believed (as part of my religious belief system) that a banana in my shoe would make me run a mile in two minutes flat. Yeah, right. In order for you to believe me, you would have to see me run a two minute mile. No matter how many good feelings I had about that banana, it wouldn't work. Absolutely not! And, if that belief doesn't work, if that belief isn't absolutely true, what good is it? Is it worthwhile to believe anything that is certainly false?

"What is absolute?"

It seems quite obvious, then, that we need to find the truth--the absolute truth. I sure don't want to believe anything false, and I (by God's grace) try to make sure that everything I believe is the truth. But there are many voices out there vying for our attention. Each of them cry, "I am the truth!" Where can we go? "Jesus said to him, 'I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.'" John 14:6, RSV. Jesus Christ claims to be truth. He has made the claim. Can He back it up? It is historical proof that He lived, did miraculous deeds, died on a Roman cross, and rose again. Scripture is the most accurate of any of the ancient works that we have - and is inspired by God Himself. If we look at all the claims Jesus made - especially the claim to be God incarnate - we can come to two logical conclusions. He was the truth, or He was insane. No sane man could make the claims He did and die for those very claims - for if He was not truthful, He was a liar and decieved Himself and others. That is certainly the most wicked thing any human is capable of. My question to you is: who is He, God incarnate or a insane, wicked man? He could certainly not be just a good teacher - for no good teacher would decieve his followers. I can only conclude that Jesus is who He said He was - the absolute truth.

Jesus loves you. He loves you so much that He has taken all the punishment you deserve for the times you've disobeyed God - for we all have disobeyed God. I know I have. But, I know without a doubt that He has taken my punishment. Will you accept His gift to you? He will pardon you. Just accept it.theJESUSpage dingbat