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Answers In Genesis, Institute for Creation Research, Creation Research Society, Center for Scientific Creation

Sites with information about creation research and science.

Boundless Webzine

Focus on the Family's college age webzine.

Christian Answers Network

Answers to all sorts of questions on faith and other issues. Very useful.

Christian MP3

The one source for Christian mp3's on the web.

Deliver Us From Evil

Excellent reading. Derived primarily from Ravi Zaccharias' book and video series Deliver Us From Evil, about the new era of thinking in our society today.

Engineering Ministries International

If you are a Christian engineer, check this out!

Focus on the Family

A top-rate Christian ministry, home of Dr. James Dobson. Well worth a visit.

The Gospel Communications Network, Crosswalk

Christian portal sites - links to all sorts of useful information.

A Home For The Seeking Spirit

A well-balanced reference on the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian.


The International Christian Technologists Association.

Minnesota Family Council

The pro-family organization of Minnesota.

Phil Johnson's Web site

An incredible Christian resource.

The Voice of the Martyrs

A ministry aimed at helping persecuted and martyred Christians around the world.


Jon Randall

The web site of Jon Randall, one of my good high school friends.

The homepage of Maury McCown. A favorite place of mine to visit!

Pinwheels Are Round

The site of Pinwheels are Round, formerly a local band from Minneapolis. My friend John Mahan (bassist/background vocalist for them before they broke up) describes them as "Sunday School ska."

RAILhead Design

Maury McCown's graphic design business. Excellent work.


A band formed out of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy, my high school home


Hillcrest Lutheran Academy

My high school, located in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The years I spent there were ones thouroughly enjoyed.

Dordt College

My college, in Sioux Center, Iowa. One year down, and things are going great so far!


Fergus Falls, Minnesota

The official Fergus Falls homepage.

The Daily Journal

My hometown newspaper. What exactly is small-town Minnesota like, anyway?

Math & Science

CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics

An incredible mathematics resources for the curious or stumped.


One exceptionally good way for mechanically-minded people to waste a lot of time.

How Stuff Works!

If you've ever wondered...


Apple Computer, Inc.

My favorite computer maker. Period.

Ars Technica

Very useful and interesting technical information for all computer users.


Macintosh news updates around the clock.

Mac OS Rumors, Macrumors

Speculation and rumors in the Macintosh industry.

The Web Design Group

Excellent online and downloadable references for HTML and CSS!


The best and easiest way to find new and updated Macintosh software.